Delivery time

The delivery time will vary depending on the country where the order is made. The delay varies from 1 to 3 weeks. It is also possible that for a minority of products present on the site the delay is longer but without exceeding 5 weeks.


In case of defect of the product, or that the size of an article does not correspond to you, we propose two solutions.

In case of default: at first you take a picture of the product and you send us by email the photos with the descirption of the problem. We will then see together how to proceed.

If it is a problem of size: You return the item to our address, once it received we will return the amount of the returned item (purchase invoice showing the amount)

Lottery: Functioning and Rules

The lottery works this way:
If you like the Facebook page and share it and register on our site you will be registered for the lottery. you are automatically registered if you have made a purchase and created an account. If you have made a purchase option you will have twice as many chances to win a prize (you will be entered twice on the draw lists).

The prizes will be drawn as a rule once a week and the winners will appear directly on Facebook and receive an email.

No possible dispute on the winner, the draw is made using a random drawing software. It is therefore possible that a person is drawn several times.

In the case where the proposed lot does not suit you, it is possible to exchange it for its value in a purchase order for our site.

Order processing

The processing time of the order is between 24H and 48H. This period can be extended if it is a weekend or holidays.
We make every effort to ensure that orders and emails are processed as quickly as possible.

Answers to emails

Just like the processing of orders we strive to treat the mails as quickly as possible and to provide the most satisfactory answer possible. If an email has remained unanswered do not hesitate to contact us again.

We will soon be accessible by Skype.